Composers After 1850

The composers selected for this unit are divided into groups, European Romantic Composers, American Composers of Popular Songs, European Composers after WWII and American Composers of the 20th century. The composers listed here are only a few of the noteworthy people of their time. They have been chosen as representatives of their era.


There is a PowerPoint project that ends this unit. You may choose from any of the composers below and you may work with one other student. Click here for the Rubric for that project.

European Composers of the Late Romantic Period:

Franz Liszt

Johannes Brahms

Claude Debussy


American Composers of Early Popular Music:

Stephen Foster

Scott Joplin

John Philllip Sousa

George Gershwin

Europoean Composers after WWII:

Bela Bartok

Igor Stravinsky

Sergi Prokofiev


American 20th Century Composers:

Charles Ives

Aaron Copland

Leonard Bernstein

John Williams