Jazz History Questions


1. The history of Jazz dates back before 1850 when slaves used ____________ ______________, Work songs and Boat songs while doing their work.


2.  In New Orleans, slaves born in this country were _____________________ African melodies and rhythms and, in reality, the beginnings of New Orleans Jazz.


3.  Scott Joplin is known as the _____________ _____ _________________________


4. Joplin’s _________________________________  sold over 100,000 copies.


5.  In New York Dan Rice (an actor) _____________________________ his face and did a show in the Bowery district, which quickly became Minstrel Shows. 


6.  His group, the ____________________________, became the most well known Minstrel troupe in the country. 


7.  Minstrel shows were about ___________________________________, and the parts were all played by white actors in “black face.”


8.  The minstrel shows included a band that consisted of  ________________, “bones”, fiddle and tambourines. 


9.  Buddy Bolden organized the first band to play ______________________ _____________ – the forerunner of Jazz.


10.  By  1900 the ______________ became a standard in honky tonks and dance halls..


11. Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong is known as the first genius of Jazz because the concept of ____________ is attributed to him. 


12.  In 1902, Jelly Roll Morton claims to have invented Jazz by combining _________________ Quadrilles and ____________. 


13.  W.C. Handy, a composer and musician began writing blues songs. He became know as the _______________________________________