For this project, we will be using the following resources:

MusicianŐs Information:

            PA POWER Library – Grove Music Online

                                                Biography Reference Bank


Musical Instrument Information:

            Online Resources – World Book

Pictures:         Google Images            Brochure:       Microsoft Publisher


Side One:

            First Panel Pg. 1 – interesting facts

·      List other facts about your musician


Second Panel Pg.1 (middle Panel back) – List musical works and recordings

·      Include any films, videos, etc. that were made.

·      Include any awards that were won


Third Panel Pg. 1 (front of the brochure)

·      MusicianŐs Name

·      StudentŐs Name

·      Picture of the musician

·      Period number


Side Two:

            First Panel Pg. 2 – Early Life

·      Biographical information (where and when born, childhood and family information)

·      Show a picture of the musician


Second Panel Pg. 2 – Adult Life

·      Give facts about the personŐs musical career


Third Panel Pg. 2 – Instrument

·      Describe the main instrument they play and how that instrument works

·      Tell what family of instruments it belongs to

·      Include Picture


Be sure to SAVE your brochure every five minutes so you donŐt lose anything.


When you are ready to print, please tell Ms. Bauer.  DO NOT print without permission.



1. Label each panel before researching information. When you obtain information you can then paraphrase the information and place it in the appropriate colomn.

2. All information must be in a font no larger than 12pt. Headings can be in larger print.

3. If the column designates 7 points for facts then you should have 7 facts for that panel

4. Be sure to proof read your brochure before printing. Grammar counts for 15 points.

5. Do not spend the bulk of your time on graphics. Each panel is only worth 2 - 3 points in overall appearance. You need to spond most of your time on researching information for each panel.

6. Follow the grade sheet and the number of points given for each item graded.