Adapted Music

The purpose of Adapted Music is to provide an environment where all students can have a successful experience in Music

we emphesize communication and comprehension


  • What instrument do you hear?
  • Is the music fast or slow?
  • Music for Marching and Dancing
  • Playing African Drums - can you drum your name?
  • Improvision on the drum.
  • Playing BoomWhackers
  • Peter and the Wolf -What instrument represents the charcter?


PECS are picture representations that assist students with comunication.

In General Music, we use PECS for everything from greeting each other to making choices about what we do and hear.

Student Activities

Students play instruments and move to music. They make choices about colors, shapes and instruments. Music is a means of expression and we use music as a means of showing if they are happy or sad or if they like something or not.


We try to prepare students to be comfortable in settings that include music. The students learn to dance so that they might be more comfortable at a school or social dance. Sixth graders attend a symphony concert and all students attend school Band, Chorus and Orchestra concerts with their homeroom as part of the MMS community

Speech Devices

Some students have devices that, when a button is pressed, can speak the words chosen by the students. The Mini-Merk is one of these. In Adapted Music class some students use this device for communication


Websites to check out

Dallas Symphony Orchestra for kids

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